Kaze no Notam digital soundtrack streaming on Spotify and Apple Music

Jerry on 2023-03-22
Preorders have opened for the two-disc Kaze no Notam vinyl soundtrack, featuring an illustration by 1980's pop album cover artist Hiroshi Nagai. The full digital soundtrack is available for streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music, courtesy of publisher Amidst Records.

Developed by Artdink Corporation, the PlayStation hot-air balloon simulator launched exclusively in Japan in September of 1997. The surrealist pop sound of the game, mixing house and New Age sounds, reflects the fantasy setting of the aeronautical simulator.

Kaze no Notam's dreamy locales include the skies above the castle village of Drafty Valley, contemporary metropolis Windy City, and the decaying, sandswept Breezy Earth. Music is by main sound designer Yasuyuki Suzuki and composer Ryuji Nishida.

Scheduled for shipping next month, preorders for the double vinyl soundtrack are open at distributor Light in the Attic in Seattle and Black Screen Records in Europe. CDJapan has opened preorders for the compact disc edition.

From the product page:
The music produced by the ARTDiNK production team, while based on electronic music, is not confined to the genre of game music, but is diverse, ranging from ambient, house/techno, electronica, and city pop, with futuristic sounds and a high quality that has been greatly acclaimed, and a soundtrack version had been eagerly awaited. In addition, the cover artwork was created by Hiroshi Nagai, who created the image of city pop, which is currently being re-evaluated worldwide.
Light in the Attic - NOTAM of Wind (Vinyl LP)

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CDJapan - Kaze no Notam (CD)

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