The Forest Quartet original soundtrack debuts on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-02-26
Published by Bedtime Digital, 3D narrative puzzler The Forest Quartet is currently available for PS4, PlayStation 5 and Windows through Steam.

Players are invited to utilize the power of protagonist Nina's voice to interact with objects in the forest. In each of three acts, she faces a manifestation of a bandmate's emotions and is challenged with puzzles to restore the quartet's collective peace of mind.

Developer Mads & Friends has now published the figital soundtrack release, composed by Kaspar Vadsholt, available through Bandcamp. Vocals attributed to the character of Nina are performed by the musician's sister Nina Vadsholt, credited as "NV-4."

Available for streaming on Spotify and YouTube Music, the album includes jazz pieces "Title," "Ghost," "Midnight Between The Pines," "Fredskov," "Night Owls And Early Birds," "Montage," and "In My Garden." Music for the game is performed by members of The Danish Radio Big Band, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

From the product page:
The Forest Quartet is a story of life, death, and jazz. In this minimalistic puzzle adventure you incarnate the spirit of a recently passed lead singer. Travel into the minds of the three remaining quartet members to reignite their musical spark as they deal with grief.
YouTube Music - The Forest Quartet (Streaming)