Laced Records presses Tekken 4 double vinyl soundtrack

Jerry on 2021-03-08
London-based publisher Laced Records has pressed the deluxe double vinyl soundtrack for Tekken 4. The two-disc analog record set contains 35 music tracks from the arcade and PlayStation 2 editions of the Namco Bandai fighting game.

The collaborative soundtrack from Tekken 4 features music from Namco game composers Akitaka Tohyama, Yuu Miyake, Satoru Kosaki, Hiroshi Okubo, and Keiki Kobayashi. The analog record release ships from distributor PixelCrib in Melbourne.

Sleeve artwork for the Laced Records publication is by illustrator Samuel Donato, aka DXSinfinite, with mastering for the 180-gram heavyweight vinyl LPs by Joe Caithness Mastering.

From the product page:
The soundtrack for TEKKEN 4 was unconventional for the series and more broadly, breaking new ground in the types of electronic music heard in video games. This release features 35 tracks from arcade and console releases by Akitaka Tohyama, Yu Miyake, Satoru Kosaki, Hiroshi Okubo and Keiki Kobayashi (collective credits include Katamari, Ridge Racer and many more.)
PixelCrib - Tekken 4 Deluxe Double Vinyl

Laced Records - (OUT OF STOCK)