Tekken 2 vinyl soundtrack features arcade and PlayStation score

Jerry on 2021-03-04
Laced Records' Tekken 2 deluxe double vinyl soundtrack contains 31 music tracks from both the 1995 arcade fighting game and its PlayStation home console port.

Featuring original artwork by DXSinfinite (Samuel Donato), the vinyl release is currently available for shipping through distributor PixelCrib of Melbourne. The Tekken 2 digital soundtrack album is available for streaming on Spotify and Amazon Music.

Music for the fighting game is composed by Namco Sounds label collaborators Yoshie Arakawa, Yoshie Takayanagi, Akira Nishizaki, Takashi Furukawa and Hideaki Mitsui. An excerpt from the vinyl soundtrack can be heard on PixelCrib's SoundCloud channel

PixelCrib - Tekken 2 Deluxe Double Vinyl Soundtrack