Tales of the Abyss digital soundtrack streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2022-12-22
Namco published the first installment in the Tales of action role-playing game series 27 years ago. To celebrate, the newly founded Bandai Namco Games Music label has published the digital soundtracks for multiple installments in the franchise.

Action role-playing game Tales of the Abyss for the PlayStation 2 console launched in Japan in December of 2005. A portable port for the Nintendo 3DS arrived in 2011. A 25th-anniversary "Tales Of" video tribute and a six-minute soundtrack preview can be viewed on Bandai Namco's YouTube channel.

The digital soundtrack for the game, composed by Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura, and Motoo Fujiwara, is now available for streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

YouTube Music - Tales of the Abyss Soundtrack