Super Mario 3D All-Stars includes in-game music player

Jerry on 2020-09-25
Super Mario 3D All-Stars for Nintendo Switch includes an in-game music player with background tracks from the three included 3D Mario titles.

Pony Canyon published Super Mario 64 Original Soundtrack in July of 1996, featuring the voice acting of Charles Martinet. Composed by Koji Kondo, the 36-track album includes stage themes for "Jolly Roger Bay," "Cool, Cool Mountain" and "Bob-omb Battlefield" from the Nintendo 64 launch title.

Super Mario Sunshine Original Soundtrack includes 58 music tracks composed in 2002 by Koji Kondo and Shinobu Tanaka. The 3D platformer for the Nintendo GameCube is set on the tropical island of Delfino and features background music tracks for the airstrip, casino, Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor and Gelato Beach locations.