Super Lone Survivor soundtrack by Jasper Byrne debuts on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-11-26
Superflat Games' retro-styled survival horror game Lone Survivor originated as a Flash game, dating back to 2012. Curve Studios helped publish Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut the following year for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Rebuilt in a new engine, Super Lone Survivor adds extra contents and features, available for release on Windows through Steam and Nintendo Switch. The remake sports improved lighting and shaders, parallax scrolling, 4K graphics and controller support.

Game designer Jasper Byrne's soundtracks from both the original title and the new edition are on Space Recordings' Bandcamp page. Mastering for the digital album is by Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering.

From the product page:
As the masked protagonist, you must escape the city ravaged by disease, by any means necessary. Use stealth to scavenge food, or kill everything in your path. Nurture your mental health or descend into madness. How you survive is up to you. Multiple endings reflect all the actions you take, great or small.

Super is a remake of the original game with extra content and features. It has been rebuilt in a new engine. There's improved lighting and shaders, 4K support and beyond, controller support, parallax scrolling. Additionally the game contains a new 4:3 presentation and the original art has been extended in height to support this taller aspect ratio.

There is some new content exclusive to the game, hidden areas, two new sidequests, new foods to craft, new enemy types and new combat tools. There are also now difficulty settings. The game includes remastered audio in higher quality, and many new songs.
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