Square Enix utilizes chamber music on Acoustic Arrangements

Jerry on 2021-01-04
Square Enix Acoustic Arrangements is available for purchase on compact disc through the Square Enix online store for North America.

Two trailers uploaded by the publisher offer a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process behind the collection of chamber music renditions of classic role-playing game themes,. Participating artists include pianist Keita Egusa, an arranger on Dog Ear Records' Piacon album series, and violinist Atsuki Yoshida, a performer on the Octopath Traveller cover album "Break & Boost."

Themes arranged for the twelve-track compilation include music from Final Fantasy VI, Romancing SaGa III, Live A Live, Chrono Trigger and Bahamut Lagoon. Excerpts of each music track can be previewed on the Ototoy embedded player.

Square Enix Online Store (North America) - Square Enix Acoustic Arrangements