Romancing SaGa score by Kenji Ito treated to Video Soundtrack

Jerry on 2023-08-14
Romancing SaGa is the latest role-playing game featured in the Video Soundtrack series by Square Enix, available for streaming on YouTube Music.

The first installment in the SaGa series for the Super Famicom console made its debut in 1992 in Japan. Romancing SaGa expanded upon on the lore and turn-based gameplay of designer Akitoshi Kawazu's SaGa trilogy for the Nintendo Game Boy, localized in the West as "Final Fantasy Legend."

Square Enix's previously release Revival Disc Blu-ray includes the entire 38-track music score by composer Kenji Ito, remastered for the Music Blu-ray format. Featuring visuals from the game, curated by background movie director Yusuke Takagi of ubiquitous inc., cover art for the Blu-ray is by character illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi.

The music Blu-ray is available for purchase domestically through the Square Enix North American Store. The remastered CD release ships domestically from distributor CDJapan. Crossfade sample trailers for both releases are on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

From the product page:
Composer Kenji Ito oversaw the remastering of the entire score to the Super Nintendo classic, contained here in this collection. The music of eight travelers' search for the Destiny Stones is back and sounding better than ever...
YouTube Music - ロマンシング サ・ガ 【Video Soundtrack】

Square Enix North American Store - Romancing SaGa Original Soundtrack Blu-Ray

CDJapan - Romancing SaGa Original Soundtrack Remaster CD

Remastered CD Soundtrack Trailer