Square Enix deploys Military Tune: The Album compilation

Jerry on 2014-09-29
Square Enix's Military Tune series of dance music EPs has culminated in a new full-length album, treating high intensity battle themes to electronic music arrangements.

The LP's Halloween-themed YouTube launch trailer includes music excerpts by Thomas Schumacher, Wata Igarashi, Takuya Yamashita and The KAH, arranging music from Chrono Trigger, Sigma Harmonics and Secret of Mana.

Highlights from the Military Tune EP series, arranging themes from Einhander, Threads of Fate and Front Mission, are streaming on SoundCloud. Square Enix has uploaded music videos from the EP series for DJ KAYA's Threads of Fate and Front Mission covers, as well as metalmouse's Einhänder arrangement.

The compact disc release of Military Tune: The Album is available for purchase through CDJapan. Excerpts are streaming on Ototoy and Apple Music in Japan.

CDJapan - Military Tune: The Album CD
(Archival URL [9-29-14] on archive.org.)