Life Style Up CD restocked during Tokyo Game Show

Jerry on 2022-09-16
Unveiled at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, the Life Style Up music compilation CD has been restocked at the Square Enix store for North America and Europe during the Tokyo Game Show.

The upbeat 13-track compilation sports white mage pixel art on the cover. Selected tracks include "South Yokohama" from Racing Lagoon, an SQ Chips medley of Einhander and Project Sylpheed tracks, "Twister-Remix" from The World Ends With You, and a Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade arrangement of "Victory Fanfare" from Final Fantasy VI.

Assorted upbeat music themes can be streamed on the YouTube Music playlist "Final Fantasy Up." Excerpts from the compilation can be previewed on YouTube, courtesy of Square Enix.

Square Enix store (Europe) - LIFE STYLE: UP [CD]

YouTube Music - 【Playlist】FINAL FANTASY -up-