Opening Tracks 1987~1996 nostalgic compilation debuts at TGS 2021

Jerry on 2021-09-10
Publisher Square Enix's "Opening Tracks 1987-1996" compact disc release will go on sale on Thursday, September 30 in Japan at the opening of the TGS 2021 Online event at the Makuhari Messe.

Nostalgic game soundtrack openers featured on the single disc publication include Final Fantasy for the 8-bit NES by Nobuo Uematsu, SaGa for the Game Boy by Uematsu, Live A Live for the Super Famicom by Yoko Shimomura, Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy by Kenji Ito, and Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo by Uematsu.

The publisher's other compact disc offerings lined up for the online event include "Preserved Tracks 1986~1996 Collection," a 3-CD collection of music composed by Uematsu. In addition, "Time and Again 2: Final Fantasy XIV Raid Dungeon Themes" and "Final Fantasy: The Preludes since 1987" will also go on sale at the event. - TGS 2021 Online e-Store Announcement