Square Enix two-volume Special Remix compilations streaming on YouTube

Jerry on 2022-11-07
Square Enix has published Special Remix compilations through Apple Music and Ototoy, comprised of arrangements of music from classic games and more recent releases. All four volumes are streaming on YouTube.

A two-hour chill mix overseen by DJ KENTA, titled "Mellow Minstrel Mix," selects themes from Chrono Trigger, Legend of Mana and Final Fantasy IX as source material. Arrangements are by FKD, DJ UPPERCUT, colspan, and Takegorou Kobayashi.

Mixed by hidemi, "Airship Cruise Beats" shifts gears to electronic dance music, and reinterprets themes from Final Fantasy XIV and SaGa II. Select tracks from the SQ album series also join the mix. Arrangements for the two-hour compilation are by DJ TAGA, mimiiQ, FUMI and RYOYA.

Volume 2 of "Mellow Minstrel Mix" is arranged by colspan, RYO FUTOJIMA, Takegorou Kobayashi, FKD, Toshiki Hayashi, and Mr. Shirai. Volume 2 of "Airship Cruise Beats" is arranged by mimiiQ, RYOYA, NORII, FUMI, and AFAMoo. Both playlists are now available for streaming via Apple Music.

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