Snowboard Kids 2 soundtrack now on streaming platforms

Jerry on 2022-12-25
Atlus is commemorating the 25-year anniversary of the release of Nintendo 64 sports title Snowboard Kids by posting the first three soundtracks from the series to YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Developed by Racdym, Snowboard Kids 2 launched in Japan and North America in 1999. Snowboard Kids debuted the previous year, also for the N64, followed by expanded port Snowboard Kids Plus for Sony PlayStation. All three soundtracks are now available through streaming platforms.

Music for the Snowboard Kids series is by Tomohiko Sato, Isao Kasai, and Sayuri Yamamoto. Excerpts are streaming on SweepRecords' YouTube channel.

YouTube Music - Snowboard Kids 2 Original Soundtrack