"SNESQUE" album built from Super Nintendo soundfonts

Jerry on 2014-09-29
"SNESQUE" by Austin-based composer Zackery Wilson is an original music album built from Super Nintendo soundfonts. Audio samples from specific Super Famicom software lay the groundwork for each composition.

Emulating thematic material from Earthbound, Yoshi's Island, Chrono Trigger and other 16-bit classics through the lens of contemporary audio production techniques (EQ, delay, reverb, filters, pitch-shifting, time-stretching), the 12-track album is streaming on YouTube and Spotify and available for purchase on Bandcamp.

From the liner notes:
From progressive rock to jazz fusion, samba to swing, “SNESQUE” is a hodgepodge of musical styles, connected by the nostalgic sound of Super Nintendo video games and the familiarity of present-day audio production techniques.
YouTube Music - SNESQUE