Siren: New Translation Original Soundtrack published by Sony

Jerry on 2023-12-04
Episodic survival horror game Siren: New Translation launched in Japan in July of 2008 for PlayStation 3. The reimagining of Forbidden Siren by Sony Computer Entertainment's Japan Studio was localized later that year, titled "Siren: Blood Curse" in English-language regions.

The multi-chapter storyline takes place in Hanuda Village, Japan, where an American television crew is investigating a series of human sacrifices that reportedly took place 30 years prior. While evading predatory reanimated corpses called "shibito," Siren's familiar "Sight Jack" ability allows the player to initiate a split-screen mode to view the perspective of a non-player character.

Directed by Keiichiro Toyama, music for the horror title is composed by Hitomi Shimizu. "They were interested in the idea of abstract expression, the dread encountered in nature," the composer commented in her approach to the supernatural horror theme of the franchise. "Their concept was to represent threats that were not immediately dangerous, but induced a creeping feeling of terror."

The 30-track digital soundtrack is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, featuring vocal performance by Yayoi Yula.

The Ongaku - Hitomi Shimizu on New Translation

Apple Music - SIREN: New Translation ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK