June Chikuma's Saturn Bomberman album streaming on SoundCloud

Jerry on 2021-04-21
June Chikuma's 15-track Saturn Bomberman album is available for streaming in full on the composer's SoundCloud channel. Hudson Soft published Saturn Bomberman in 1996 for the Sega Saturn console, supporting multiplayer functionality for up to ten players.

Music for the album is composed and arranged by Chikuma, featuring performances by Kaoru Akimoto on guitar, Hirohiko Otsubo on bass, and Chikuma on keyboards and nay. The self-arrangement game covers include a "Funky Breakbeat Remix" of the intro theme, "Jungle Locomotive Mix" of the Amusement World theme, "Ambient Techno Nay Mix" from the Area 4 Dino World theme, and "Morriconean Remix" of the Wild West World theme.

Game soundtracks by the composer available through SoundCloud include Nintendo 64 platformer Bomberman Hero, Super Famicom hop-and-bop DoReMi Fantasy, and 8-bit Famicom puzzle game Bomberman II.

June Chikuma SoundCloud - Saturn Bomberman