Cap-Jams Mega Man EP "ONE" streaming on Spotify & Apple Music

Jerry on 2021-04-23
Capcom has published a Mega Man cover EP comprised of arrangements by the Cap-Jams band. Entitled "ONE," the digital release centers on Mega Man rock covers, available for streaming on Spotify & Apple Music.

Distributed digitally through Capcom's Suleputer label, the EP leads off with into track "We are CAP-JAMS!" followed by band arrangements of "Dr. WILY STAGE 1" from NES title Mega Man 2, "Esperanto" from Mega Man Zero 4 for Game Boy Advance, "Running Through The Cyber World" from Mega Man Battle Network, also for Game Boy Advance.

Cover illustration for the EP is by Keisuke Mizuno. Cap-Jams performers include Shinya Okada on keyboard, Yasumasa Kitagawa on synthesizer, Yoshiya Terayama on bass, Taisuke Fujisawa and Yasuyuki Tsujino on guitar, and Syotaro Nakayama on drums. A twenty-minute video with footage of live performance can be viewed on YouTube, courtesy of the CAP'STONE Capcom Sound channel.

Cap-Jams' "ONE" EP arrives the dame day as the digital publication of the six-CD Mega Man Battle Network soundtrack collection. The ""Mega Man Battle Network Sound Box" is also streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Cap-Jams' arrangements of Rose and Dan's Street Fighter V themes are on YouTube, courtesy of Capcom.

Apple Music - ONE - EP - Capcom Sound Team