Sam & Max Save The World soundtrack published through Bandcamp

Jerry on 2020-12-03
The Sam & Max Save The World digital soundtrack by Jared Emerson-Johnson is available for purchase through Bandcamp, GOG and Steam. The composer previously scored Telltale's The Walking Dead series.

The graphic adventure title by Telltale Games is based on the "Sam & Max" comic book series by Steve Purcell. In 1993, LucasArts published the game adaptation Sam & Max Hit the Road using the SCUMM engine for point-and-click adventure titles.

Telltale published the first of six episodes of Sam & Max Save The World for Windows in October of 2006. The remastered edition of the episodic title is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows through Steam, developed by early Telltale designers now heading Skunkape Games.

Featured performers on the music score include Daniel Gianola-Norris on flute, Jordan Wardlaw on clarinet, Michael Whitwell, Dale Gutridge and Daniel Gianola-Norris on trumpet, Jason Thor on trombone, Jesse Wickman and Alex Aspinall on drums, and Jordan Wardlaw on saxophone. Engineering is by Jory Prum of studio.jory and Bill Storkson at AudioSFX.

From the product page:
It's just another day at the office for the self-proclaimed Freelance Police when the Commissioner calls in with a disturbing report: former child stars are running amok in the street! What starts as an open-and-shut case of idiotic vandalism balloons into an all-out conspiracy as Sam and Max encounter one miscreant after another who have been mysteriously hypnotized. (You can tell from the "spinny thing" they do with their eyes.)

Who's the source of this malfeasance, and what is their dastardly plan? Cracking this case will require Sam's nose for detective work, Max's lack of conscience, an assortment of inventory items, and a little help from neighbors Sybil Pandemik, Bosco, and Jimmy Two-Teeth. From Sam & Max's street to the White House lawn, inside the internet, and all the way to the moon, this baffling mystery gets weirder and funnier as it unfolds. - Sam & Max Save the World Game + Soundtrack Bundle