Preorders open for Sable double vinyl soundtrack

Eric on 2021-10-08
Published in September by Raw Fury for Windows and Xbox platforms, open-world adventure game Sable marks the debut of independent UK developer Shedworks.

Set on a desert planet, protagonist Sable ventures forth with little more than her upgradeable hoverbike, to explore alien landscapes, desolate ruins and fallen starships. Sony Masterworks' double vinyl soundtrack features music composed by Japanese Breakfast (Michelle Zauner).

Preorders for the vinyl soundtrack release are open at distributors Channel 3 Records, Mondo in Austin, Light in the Attic in Seattle, Black Screen Records in Germany, and PixelCrib in Australia. Shipping is estimated for May of 2022. The 24-track digital soundtrack is streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify.

From the product page:
Embark on a unique and unforgettable journey and guide Sable through her Gliding; a rite of passage that will take her across vast deserts and mesmerizing landscapes, capped by the remains of spaceships and ancient wonders.

Explore the dunes on your hoverbike, scale monumental ruins and encounter other nomads as you unearth mysteries long forgotten and discover who she really is behind her mask.

With its unique art style and original soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast, envelop yourself in Sable’s world and explore everything at your own pace. There is a lot in this world just waiting to be discovered.
Mondo - Sable Vinyl Soundtrack (exclusive colorway variant)

Black Screen Records - Sable Vinyl Soundtrack (purple & orange variant)

PixelCrib - Sable Vinyl Soundtrack LITA exclusive variant

Light in the Attic - Sable Vinyl Soundtrack

Newbury Comics - Sable Vinyl Soundtrack (Pink & White Marble)

Channel 3 Records - Sable Vinyl Soundtrack