Rose & Camellia series ported to Nintendo Switch in Japan

Jerry on 2023-04-20
La-Mulana developer Nigoro has announced a summer release for the Nintendo Switch port of their pugilistic historical drama series Rose & Camellia in Japan. The game compilation will include four chapters from the long-running franchise, replete with Joy-Con support.

Originating as a Flash game in 2007, Rose & Camellia combines the boxing gameplay of the 8-bit NES title Punch-Out with the comedy of manners of a Jane Austin novel. Protagonist Reiko Tsubakikoji must defend her honor and earn the title of family matriarch in a slapping contest against her spiteful in-laws.

Music from the first two Rose & Camellia chapters can be purchased through Bandcamp, composed by La-Mulana devs Takumi Naramura and Houryu Samejima.

From the product page:
Glide your finger majestically across the screen, and your swipes shall become slaps! ...That is the soul of ""Rose and Camellia"", the game which is this spin-off is based upon. The ladies from LA-MULANA, the hit game from the same developer, have joined the battle! Only the one with the strongest slaps will be able to prove herself as LA-MULANA's true heroine.
Google Play - Rose & Camellia & LA-MULANA