Romancing SaGa Orchestra Festival Live published on compact disc

Jerry on 2021-04-14
The Romancing SaGa Orchestra Festival Live concert arrangements ship on two compact discs from the Square Enix online store for North America.

Music from the Romancing SaGa role-playing game series, composed by Kenji Ito, was performed Febraury 16, 2020 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall. Performed by the Tokyo Newcity Orchestra, Akira Naito served as conductor on the twenty pieces selected for the live event. The compact disc release debuted during the 2020 Tokyo Game Show.

Square Enix will hold the Orchestral SaGa concert on July 31 and August 1st at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall, featuring music from the role-playing game series. Performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Shimpei Sasaki will serve as conductor for the concert.

Special guests for the summer concert will include composer Kenji Ito, game designer Akitoshi Kawazu, vocalist Ayano Nonomura and series producer Masanori Ichikawa.

Square Enix Store (North America) - Romancing SaGa Orchestra Festival Live CD