Romancing SaGa Orchestra Festival recordings posted to YouTube

Jerry on 2023-01-28
Featuring music by series composer Kenji Ito, Romancing SaGa for Super Famicom was published 31 years ago, on this date.

To commemorate the anniversary of the turn-based role-playing game series, earlier today Square Enix Music uploaded two video recordings from the 2022 Romancing SaGa Orchestra Festival Live concert. "Abyss Gate - Four Sinistrals Battle Medley" and "Opening-Overture - Dawn of the Romance" can be viewed on YouTube.

The compact disc release following the previous live event in the series can be previewed in the YouTube Trailer. The album features recordings from the February 16th, 2020 concert, held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall. Akira Naito served as conductor for the twenty pieces selected for the live event, performed by the Tokyo Newcity Orchestra.

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