Romancing SaGa 2 soundtrack treated to Revival Disc Blu-Ray

Jerry on 2016-10-07
Music blu-ray publication "Romancing SaGa 2 Original Soundtrack Revival Disc" archives role-playing game themes composed by Kenji Ito. Excerpts are streaming on the Square Enix YouTube channel and on the official product website.

Designed by Akitoshi Kawazu, Romancing SaGa 2 is the fifth entry in the SaGa series, following three SaGa Game Boy entries retitled "Final Fantasy Legend" in Western territories. The recent enhanced port is available for mobile devices, Windows, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.

The Revival Disc includes comments from the Super Famicom title's staff members, including the composer, producer Masanori Ichikawa and playwright Moku Tochibori. The Music Blu-Ray ships domestically from distributors CDJapan and Play-Asia. Cover art is by series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi.

From the product page:
This soundtrack contains both video and audio components, featuring 36 songs by composer Kenji Ito in a faithfully remastered format only available in this collection. In addition to aural delights accompanied by in-game footage, the soundtrack comes with a booklet containing liner notes and special interview movie from prominent developers associated with this storied franchise.
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