Ridge Racer Nitrous Mix & R4U Mix streaming on Spotify

Jerry on 2024-07-07
Developed by Cellius in Tokyo, PlayStation Vita launch title Ridge Racer arrived in Japan alongside Sony's handheld gaming device in December of 2011. Soundtrack "Planetary Sounds" followed in March of 2012, featuring vocalist Aimee Blackschleger.

Bandai Namco has published Ridge Racer Nitrous Mix and Ridge Racer R4U Mix, available through streaming platforms. The "Nitrous Mix #1" album collects tracks from previous Ridge Racer titles, appearing in the downloadable contents "Long Mix BGM 01."

Music is composed by Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Yuu Miyake, Taku Inoue, Koji Nakagawa, LindaAI-CUE, Nobuyoshi Sano, Ryuichi Takeda, Akitaka Tohyama, AJURIKA, and Ryo Watanabe. The album concludes with a non-stop mix by Hiroshi Okubo.

The 11-track R4U Mix compilation by Namco Sounds was the third album published, following the release of Nitrous Mix. "Sliding Beat" and "Into The Lead" are original composition premiering in the PlayStation Vita title, while "Disco Ball" previously appeared in the PlayStation Portable game Ridge Racers. Seven tracks from the compilation were originally composed for PlayStation title R4 - Ridge Racer Type4.

Music for the compilation is by Nakagawa, Okubo, Nakanishi, Watanabe, and Asuka Sakai. As with Nitrous album, the closing track "R4U Mix" features the entirety of the album played in sequence with transitions between each stage theme. Mix is by Kensuke Ushio.

From the product page:
PS VITAのロンチタイトルにしてシリーズ最新作の『リッジレーサー』。そのサウンドを収録したサウンドトラックが登場。 リッジレーサーの世界を盛り上げる耳に煌めくBGM。シリーズでお馴染みのクリエイター達が参加したリッジサウンドは本作も健在!
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