R-Type Original Sound Box slated for publication in Japan in April

Jerry on 2021-02-14
Japanese label Clarice Disc has announced a compilation of ten R-Type series soundtrack CDs, scheduled for publication on April 29 in Japan.

The publisher's "R-Type Original Sound Box" features music from arcade titles R-Type (1987), R-Type II (1989) and R-Type Leo (1992), in addition R-Type III (1993) for Super Nintendo, R-Type Delta (1998) for PlayStation, R-Type Final (2003) for PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable strategy titles R-Type Tactics (2007) and R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate (2009).

In addition to these music scores, the box set also includes tracks from Irem's arcade spinoff Armed Police Unit Gallop, the Super Nintendo port of R-Type, and the Game Boy ports of R-Type and R-Type II.

Music for R-Type Final and the R-Type Tactics series are by Street Fighter III co-composer Yuki Iwai. Illustrations are by series graphic designer Akio. Preorders are available through CDJapan.

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