Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 soundtrack streaming on Apple Music

Jerry on 2021-02-13
The 47-track digital soundtrack for Capcom's Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 is available for streaming on Apple Music. Overseen by series designer Hideaki Itsuno, the second installment in the polygon-based fighting game series debuted in the arcades in 2000 and was ported a year later to the Sega Dreamcast home console.

Set in Aoharu City and taking place a year after the events of Rival Schools, this time players are allowed to select a team of three combatants. The roster includes returning characters Akira Kazama (representing Seijyun High School), Hinata Wakaba (Taiyo High School) and Natsu Ayuhara (Gorin High School).

Music for the game is by Rival Schools composer Setsuo Yamato, joined by Street Fighter III co-composer Yuki Iwai and Strider Hiryu 2 co-composer Etsuko Yoneda. The soundtrack for Rival Schools is also available for streaming on Apple Music.

Apple Music - Rival Schools: United by Fate soundtrack