Psyvariar Delta digital soundtrack on Steam and Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-01-22
Success Corporation developed vertically scrolling shoot-em-up Psyvariar for arcades, utilizing Taito's G-NET system hardware. A PlayStation 2 "Complete Edition" compilation emerged in 2002, bundling console ports Psyvariar: Medium Unit and arranged edition Psyvariar Revision, localized for Europe the following year.

Published by City Connection for Windows via Steam, Psyvariar Delta is an enhanced edition of the arcade title for contemporary personal computers. Dispatch Games brought the title to the West for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles, including HD remakes of Medium Unit and Revision, with added features.

The Psyvariar Delta digital soundtrack is available through Steam, featuring 18 music tracks by WASi303, Kazushi Tsurukubo, and Kenichi Arakawa. Both the music score and Cyberbattler DLC music, arranged by Yasuhisa Watanabe, Daisuke Matsumoto and Takashi Okamoto, can be purchased via Dispatch Games' Bandcamp page.

From the product page:
Psyvariar Delta is a classic shooter known for the Buzz System, where players level up by grazing enemy fire and chaining Buzz. Also included in this version are 2 HD remakes of the arcade classic Psyvariar Medium Unit and Psyvariar Revision with new additional features.
Nintendo - Psyvariar Delta