Square Enix unearths Preserved Tracks 1986~1996 Collection

Jerry on 2021-09-10
Shipping from the Square Enix store for North America and Europe during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online event, "Preserved Tracks Collection" on compact disc bundles 133 music tracks composed by Nobuo Uematsu between 1986 and 1996.

Classic game soundtrack selections featured on the three-disc CD publication include Alpha (1986) for the NEC PC-8801, King's Knight (1986) for the 8-bit Famicom console, The 3-D Battles of WorldRunner (1987) for the NES, Square's Tom Sawyer (1989) for the Famicom, and DynamiTracer (1996) for Satellaview.

Other compact disc offerings lined up for the online event include "OPENING Tracks 1987-1996," "Time and Again 2: Final Fantasy XIV Raid Dungeon Themes," and "Final Fantasy: The Preludes since 1987."

Square Enix store (North America) - PRESERVED TRACKS COLLECTION [CD]

Square Enix store (Europe) - PRESERVED TRACKS COLLECTION [CD]