Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack: Essential Edition ships from iam8bit

Jerry on 2021-12-14
Publisher iam8bit has reprinted the Persona 5 Essential Edition vinyl soundtrack, estimated for shipping in Q3 of 2022. Preorders are open at iam8bit Asia and iam8bit Japan.

Featuring music composed by Shoji Meguro, Toshiki Konishi, Ryota Kozuka, Atsushi Kitajoh and Kenichi Tsuchiya, the role-playing game is part of the PlayStation Plus Collection library for PlayStation 5. The four-disc analog record set features a selection of music tracks curated by the Atlus Sound Team. The digital soundtrack is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

The "Making of the Persona 5 Vinyl" video series can be viewed on the iam8bit YouTube channel, while excerpts from "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There," "Beneath the Mask," "Life Will Change" and "Last Surprise," featuring vocalist Lyn, can be previewed on the iam8bit SoundCloud channel.

From the product page:
The soundtrack is equally epic, featuring hours of jazzy, poppy, energetic musical magic that you’ll find yourself unconsciously whistling throughout the day. From upbeat vocally-driven songs (many featuring the incomparable throaty gusto of Japanese soul singer, Lyn Inaizumi) to more contemplative, instrumental riffs - it’s an impressive ensemble of tunes.
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iam8bit Japan - Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack (Essential Edition)

iam8bit Asia - Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack (Essential Edition)