Nitro Kid soundtrack on audio cassette ships via Wic Recordings

Jerry on 2022-12-14
Developed by Wildboy Studios of New Zealand, Nitro Kid for Windows invites players to take on the roles of pixel art-rendered martial arts-wielding secret agents L33, J4X and K31. Infiltrate the headquarters of dystopian megacorporation Infinity, and climb to the highest stories, while crafting a deck of abilities, moves, and skills to slide around enemies and perform combos.

Wic Recordings has published the cassette tape edition of the soundtrack, currently available for preorder through Black Screen Records in Europe and shipping later this month. Published by tinyBuild, the Nitro Kid digital Soundtrack is available via Steam, composed by synthwave artists LudoWic, Tonebox, Jules Reves and Laird Kruger.

LudoWic previously composed music for the collaborative Katana ZERO soundtrack. A four-track EP comprising LudoWic's contributions to the Nitro Kid game score are on Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify.

From the product page:
Synthwave roguelike deckbuilder set in the neon 80's. Pick your agent. Build your deck. Hit card combos and fight through the floors of INFINITY tower. Featuring 30+ fresh Synthwave tracks by LudoWic, Tonebox and Jules Reves.
Black Screen Records - Nitro Kid (Original Soundtrack) by Various Artists [Cassette Tape]

Wic Recordings - Nitro Kid (Original Soundtrack) by Various Artists [Cassette Tape]