Skillbard scores adventure game Nirvana Noir for Windows and Xbox

Jerry on 2023-12-07
Independent developer Feral Cat Den has announced their followup to the studio's debut title Genesis Noir. Adventure game Nirvana Noir in planned for release in 2024 for Xbox Series X|S with Game Pass, and Windows through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The actions of protagonist No Man resulted in reality splitting into two parallel realities. Players explore both Black Rapture and Constant Testament, exploring unique puzzles and animated interactions designed by Evan Anthony and Jeremy Abel of Bushwick Brooklyn.

Music for the Nirvana Noir neo-noir, jazz score is composed by Tom Carrell and Vincent Oliver of Skillbard. The composers' album "Big Bang: Music from the Universe of Genesis Noir" is on Bandcamp and Steam.

From the product page:
A noir adventure beyond time and space. The city of cosmic beings is under threat in two parallel realities - one where the Big Bang was never fired, the other exploding in color and sin. It’s up to you to solve the mysteries of the Bigger Bang in this follow up to the award-winning Genesis Noir.
iam8bit - Big Bang: Music from the Universe of Genesis Noir 2xLP