New Joe and Mac Game Soundtrack now playing on YouTube Music

Jerry on 2023-02-27
French publisher Microids' New Joe and Mac, Caveman Ninja launched in November, available for consoles and Steam. Mr. Nutz Studio handled the high-definition remake of the 1991 arcade platformer Caveman Ninja by Data East.

Taking place in a cartoon rendering of the Prehistoric Age, the cavemen protagonists set out on a quest to rescue the kidnapped women of their village. Armed with wooden clubs, boomerangs, and stone wheels, the duo battles against hostile Neanderthals and assorted varieties of dinosaurs.

Music for the game is re-orchestrated by Raphaël Gesqua, previously responsible for the reimagined music score for Microids' Toki. The 33-track New Joe and Mac, Caveman Ninja Original Game Soundtrack by Microid Records is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

New Joe and Mac is currently available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PlayStation 5, along with Windows through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

From the product page:
We’re back in the distant Past, when “Rock & Roll” was just about rocks and “Fast food”, a dinner that you couldn’t catch. 2 cave dudes named Joe & Mac live in a peaceful and cool village. Cool it was, until a bogus bunch of Neanderthal snatched all the village’s women. It’s now up to Joe & Mac to save them all, and fight against deadly dinosaurs and carnivorous plants in this crazy and colorful action-platformer from Jurassic time, with completely redesigned graphics
Apple Music - New Joe and Mac, Caveman Ninja (Original Game Soundtrack)

YouTube Music - New Joe and Mac, Caveman Ninja (Original Game Soundtrack)