Contra III: The Alien Wars vinyl soundtrack ships from PixelCrib

Jerry on 2020-10-18
Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Contra franchise, Mondo's vinyl soundtrack for Contra III: The Alien Wars ships from distributor PixelCrib in Melbourne, Australia.

The 12" LP includes all thirteen music tracks from the Super Nintendo run'n'gun, and comes decorated with '80s action movie artwork by Paul Mann. The digital soundtrack is available for streaming on Apple Music and Amazon Music. Excerpts are on PixelCrib's SoundCloud channel.

Music for the game is by Konami Kukeiha Club sound team members Miki Higashino, Masanori Adachi and Tappi Iwase. Contra III: The Alien Wars is part of Konami's Contra Anniversary Collection, available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows and Nintendo Switch.

From the product page:
Set three years after the original, Red Falcon and his legion have returned to Earth, this time with the intent of launching a full-scale war against it's inhabitants. It's up to Bill and Lance, our heroes to scale walls, ride motorcycles, and even cling to soaring missiles in an attempt to defeat the onslaught.
PixelCrib - Contra III: The Alien Wars Vinyl

Mondo - (OUT OF STOCK)