Wayô Records presses Metal Slug X vinyl soundtrack album

Jerry on 2021-10-05
Wayô Records has pressed the soundtrack for developer SNK Corporation's Metal Slug X on vinyl, with shipping estimated for mid-October. Music for the sprite-based, run-and-gun platformer is by Takushi Hiyamuta.

Debuting in 1999 for the Neo Geo MVS, the enhanced modification of Metal Slug 2 eliminated previous instances of slowdown, and substitutes the time of day, enemy count and background music on various stages.

Metal Slug X stars the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force and centers on their battles against both the tyrannical General Morden and a hostile army of extraterrestrials. The protagonists of the original title are now aided by two additional female playable characters, Eri Kasamoto and Fiolina Germi. Preorders are also open at HighScore Records in France.

Arcade Archives' Metal Slug X port is available for Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Metal Slug X for Windows, Mac and Linux is available through GOG. SNK's 18-track digital soundtrack is streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify and Apple Music. From the product page:
The iconic soundtrack from the legendary game Metal Slug X for the first time as a stand-alone release in vinyl format, for the 25th Anniversary of the legendary SNK game series! Go Peregrine Falcon Squads...
Wayô Records - Metal Slug X (Vinyl Collector Edition)

HighScore Records - Metal Slug X (Vinyl)