Metal Slug 7 for the Nintendo DS console turns 15 today

Jerry on 2023-07-22
Developed by Noise Factory, Metal Slug 7 for the Nintendo DS portable console was published by SNK Playmore on July 22nd of 2008.

In the seventh mainline series installment, the nefarious General Morden has converted an island landfill into a secret military base. On the verge of being captured by the Peregrine Falcons Squad, super soldiers from the future emerge through a time portal to rescue the leader of the Rebel Army.

The playable roster of characters includes the Peregrine Falcons Squad members Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving. Joining them are S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S operatives Eri Kasamoto, and Fio Germi, Ikari Warriors Ralf Jones and Clark Still. The ability to play as Leona Heidern from King of Fighters was added as DLC.

Metal Slug 7 provided the basis for enhanced port Metal Slug XX, first launching for the PlayStation Portable in 2009, later receiving a home console release. Metal Slug XX is currently available for WIndows through Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox consoles.

The music score for Metal Slug 7, composed by Toshikazu Tanaka, was included in publisher Wayô Records' 25th Anniversary Metal Slug Soundtracks & Artbook box set. The digital edition is streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

From the product page:
Breaking onto the scene, it’s the first code name title since “Metal Slug X”! Joining the fight are the familiar four warriors Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio, backed by two allies from "The King of Fighters": Ralf and Clark. In addition to including a total of 7 multi-path stages, this ultimate 2D action shooting masterpiece includes elements like “Combat School” loaded with more than 70 missions.
YouTube Music - METAL SLUG 7 メタルスラッグ