Melatonin vinyl soundtrack preorders open at record label iam8bit

Jerry on 2024-05-16
Record label iam8bit has opened preorders for the Melatonin double vinyl soundtrack. The two-disc, lavender color analog record release, featuring art by Elvin Budiman (snowlattes), also ships from Black Screen Records in Europe.

Designed by David Huynh of Half Asleep Games, the dream-themed rhythm game is available for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 consoles, along with Windows and Mac through Steam and the Epic Games Store. Over twenty colorful, hand-drawn levels are spread across five chapters, each complemented by a dedicated music track.

Players are also invited to create their own levels through the use of an intuitive Level Editor feature. The game is fully compatible with the Steam Deck, including a color mode calibrated for the portable console's screen.

The 25-track soundtrack is available for streaming through YouTube Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. Original music is by Cade Phillips of Half Asleep, with Yotam Perel, Mothense, and Filippo Vicarelli.

From the product page:
Melatonin explores the relationship between the dreams we have when we’re asleep and the experiences we go through when we’re awake, through unique rhythm game levels. Hand-drawn in a colorful and detailed visual style, with music produced to flow hand-in-hand with the gameplay and visuals, you will piece together elements about the main character’s life as you dive deeper and deeper into their dreams at night.
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