Love SQ the first installment in Square Enix's SQ album series

Jerry on 2009-10-27
Square Enix first published the arrangement album "Love SQ" to compact disc in November of 2009 in Japan. The first installment in the "SQ" series of cover albums, it was followed by the themed compilations Chill SQ, More SQ, and SQ Chips, among others.

Arrangements from the Love SQ compilation by Japanese pop musicians include the main theme from Chrono Trigger by Novoiski and "Frog's Theme" from Chrono Trigger by Sexy-Synthesizer, "Eternal Wind" from Final Fantasy III by De De Mouse, and "Battle on the Big Bridge" from Final Fantasy V by →Pia-no-jaC←.

The arrangement album on compact disc is available for purchase domestically through CDJapan, while the digital release is streaming on Apple Music in Japan. Excerpts are on YouTube, courtesy of the publisher.

CDJapan - Love SQ compact disc