La-Mulana Archaeological Anthems bundled with Treasures Edition

Jerry on 2020-10-16
Based on the look and feel of an MSX computer game, the sprite-based adventure title La-Mulana debuted as a freeware PC game fifteen years ago.

The popularity of the non-linear Metroidvania title, pitting a fearless archaeologist against bats, asps, and animated skeletons, led to an arduous remake project that culminated in the release for Windows and Nintendo’s WiiWare.

In 2014, La-Mulana EX marked the game’s debut on a portable console, the PlayStation Vita, around the same time that a Kickstarter campaign successfully funded development of the direct sequel. A box set titled La-Mulana 1 & 2 Hidden Treasures Edition is now available for purchase through the NIS America Online Store, bringing both games back to home and portable consoles.

The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch editions include a two-disc “Archaeological Anthems” soundtrack album, as well as a “Hidden Treasures” art book, featuring art and music by Nigoro studio staff members Takumi Naramura, Houryu Samejima and Hiroyuki Shimonaka.

Excerpts from both soundtracks, and the "La-Mulana Journey" arrangement album, are streaming on Bandcamp.

NIS America - LA-MULANA 1 & 2 Hidden Treasures Edition