KallaX soundtrack album by Alexis Laugier arrives on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2023-09-19
KallaX for Windows, Mac and Linux arrives on Steam today, courtesy of independent studio Unexpected. The digital soundtrack album composed by Alexis Laugier is published through Bandcamp.

A chaotic, cooperative furniture-building party game for two to six teammates, player characters situated in a space station assembly room are challenged with constructing increasingly complex decor, from tables, to ironing boards and cat trees. Over sixty surprising and varied levels await, featuring 25 pieces of furniture fit for living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

The seven-track album is available for streaming on YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited.

From the product page:
Kallax is a chaotic furniture-building 2 to 6 players co-op game in which only one player can read the instruction manual at a time. Experience what should have been a one person's job and lose friendships forever.
Apple Music - KallaX (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

YouTube Music - KallaX (Original Video Game Soundtrack)