Bomberman Hero score streaming on June Chikuma SoundCloud channel

Jerry on 2021-03-22
Bomberman series composer June Chikuma has posted the digital soundtrack to Bomberman Hero: Princess Millian Rescue on SoundCloud.

Published to compact disc in 1998 by NTT Publishing, the Bomberman Hero music score features jungle, breakbeat and drum 'n' bass music from the single-player Nintendo 64 platformer. Bonus track "Loom" features acoustic instruments and was produced specifically for the album, while not appearing in the game itself.

Hero deviates from the series' conventional gameplay by allowing the ability to jump, climb up ledges, take damage, and hurl bombs to clear distant obstacles. Other game scores by Chikuma available through the musician's SoundCloud channel include Super Famicom hop-and-bop DoReMi Fantasy and 8-bit Famicom puzzle game Bomberman II.

June Chikuma SoundCloud - Bomberman Hero