Jet Set Radio's digital album 'Sega Original Tracks' grinds onto Spotify

Jerry on 2015-05-26
Sega's original tracks from Jet Set Radio are available for streaming online through the Spotify and Amazon Music platforms.

Set in the near-future shopping districts of Tokyo-to, Beat of the GG skater group tangles with rival gangs, the powerful Rokkaku business conglomerate and local law enforcement. In 2000, artist Ryuta Ueda designed the cel-shade graphics for the the Sega Dreamcast console and Smilebit director Masayoshi Kikuchi headed development on the in-line skating graffiti title. The direct sequel Jet Set Radio followed, published for Microsoft Xbox.

Sega Original Tracks' "Grace and Glory" is by Richard Jacuqes, "Electric Tooth Brush" is by Toronto, and the remaining compositions are by Hideki Naganuma.

YouTube Music - Jet Set Radio Sega Original Tracks