Jet Set Radio Future's "Sega Original Tracks" skates onto Spotify

Jerry on 2012-10-05
Selected tracks by composer Hideki Naganuma from Jet Set Radio Future are streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, including arrangements by various artists.

Set in the year 2024 in repressive Tokyo-to, the GG skater group butts heads with the Rokkaku corporation and local law enforcement. Smilebit developed the in-line skating graffiti simulator for the Xbox console in 2002 as a direct sequel to Jet Set Radio, well known for its cel-shade stylized graphics.

The fourteen full-length tracks include "Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix)" arranged by Richard Jacques, along with "Humming the Bassline (D.S.Remix)" and "Rock It On (D.S.Remix)" arranged by David Soul.

Apple Music - Jet Set Radio Future Soundtrack

YouTube Music - Jet Set Radio Future SEGA Original Tracks