Thumper Soundtrack Edition available through Steam

Jerry on 2016-07-10
In Thumper you play as a speeding Space Beetle hurtling down an interstellar racetrack while avoiding and careening across obstacles at high velocities.

Design for the game is by developer Drool, composed of programmer and designer Marc Flury, along with Brian Gibson, the bassist for the ballistic duo Lightning Bolt. The musician previously contributed to development on Amplitude, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band titles.

Thumper received a limited edition vinyl soundtrack release from iam8bit. The digital edition is available for purchase through Bandcamp and Steam, and streaming on Amazon Music. Music tracks “Pulsar” and “Disk” can previewed on iam8bit’s SoundCloud channel.

Thumper supports immersive VR for SteamVR, PlayStation VR and Oculus, and HD gameplay on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Pocket Edition is for iOS and Android.

From the product page:
Thumper is a unique adjunct to the style Lightning Bolt has refined for their latest record, combining a fast-paced frenzy of rhythmic pulses with an electric energy infused with all the suspense and surprise of the band's bewildering live performances. Gibson composed the music for Thumper, which is generative in nature during gameplay, but he has formatted as an album's-length listening experience as well. 
Bandcamp - Thumper
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