Capcom updates Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection web portal

Jerry on 2022-09-15
Capcom has updated the dedicated web portal for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection during the 2022 Tokyo Game Show. The Legacy Collection's additional features include an art gallery with concept art, character sketches, and official illustrations.

The newly updated web portal details the Battle Network series, characters and compilation features, which include a 188-track in-game music player. Capcom's music compilation "Mega Man Battle Network Sound Box" is currently available for streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, and Apple Music, featuring music composed by Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki, Toshihiko Horiyama and Yusuke Beppu.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is slated for release in 2023 for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The compilation will bundle all six mainline Battle Network entries.

Focusing on Game Boy Advance installments, Disc 1 of the Sound Box contains Mega Man Battle Network compositions by Kaida and Mega Man Battle Network 2 music by Aoki. Disc 2 is dedicated to the Mega Man Battle Network 3 soundtrack by Aoki. Disc 3 includes music from both Blue and White editions of Mega Man Battle Network 4 by Horiyama and Kaida.

Disc 4 of the Sound Box contains the Battle Network 5 soundtrack by Kaida for Game Boy Advance. Disc 5 includes arrangements from the game by Seiko Kobuchi and Mitsuhiko Takano for the Nintendo DS port, as well as the soundtrack to Battle Network 6 by Aoki. Disc 6 contains music by Beppu from Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge for Game Boy Advance and Rockman.EXE N1 Battle for Wonderswan Color.

From the product page:
2001 saw the birth of a brand-new Mega Man series with the release of the first Mega Man Battle Network game.Set in a near-future world where advanced network technology has become the norm, the game captured the hearts of young children as they embarked on an adventure alongside the relatable protagonist. Complete with engaging game systems that combined elements of card battle and action games, the unique Data Action RPG went on to spawn a hit series. Accompanying comics and cartoons went even further to cement the legacy of the series.
Capcom - Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Web Portal