Ground Zero: Texas Premium Edition ships with soundtrack CD

Jerry on 2021-01-22
Preorders are open for Limited Run Games' Ground Zero: Texas Premium Edition and Nuclear Edition for Sega CD. Both editions ship with the soundtrack album on compact disc.

The 1993 full-motion video title developed by Digital Pictures features music composed by Tony Ripparetti. The item is expected to ship in around six months.

From the product page:
The chopper kicks up dust as it sets down. Through the haze of dirt and grit you make out El Cadron, a shabby, little Texas border town. It looks quiet enough, but folks have been disappearing. As a tactical weapons expert, you soon discover it's crawling with aliens disguised as humans. Welcome to Ground Zero Texas. Armed with four BattleCams outfitted with a particle beam that stuns the aliens and a RoverCam used to search out the Reticulan weapon stash, you're into a sci-fi, wild west gun fest.
Limited Run Games - Ground Zero: Texas Premium Edition