Gimmick! 30th anniversary cover album by R3tronaut on Bandcamp

Jerry on 2022-02-06
R3tronaut's Gimmick! 30th anniversary cover album is now available through Bandcamp. Sunsoft's 8-bit platformer made its debut for the Nintendo Famicom in Japan on January 31st, 1992.

R3tronaut's faithful arrangements of composer Masashi Kageyama's themes include "Good Morning," "Identity Believer," and "Cadbury." The full 37-minute Gimmick cover album is streaming on YouTube.

The remastered Gimmick soundtrack ships on compact disc from distributor iam8bit Asia, with excerpts streaming on publisher iam8bit's SoundCloud channel.

Bandcamp - Gimmick! 30th Anniversary

iam8bit Asia - Gimmick! CD