Milan Records presses Ghost of Tsushima vinyl soundtrack

Jerry on 2021-02-18
Milan Records has pressed the three-disc Ghost of Tsushima vinyl soundtrack, featuring cover illustration by manga artist Takashi Okazaki.

Developed by Sucker Punch, the PlayStation 4-exclusive action-adventure game places the player in the role of a samurai tasked with protecting Tsushima Island during the Mongol invasion of the late 13th century. The 22-track music score is composed by Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru “Ume” Umebayashi, available for streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, and Apple Music.

As described in a PlayStation Blog post on the music score, the soundtrack is inspired by folk songs, court music and taiko drumming, and informed by the pentatonic scales used in traditional Japanese music. Instruments employed include the shakuhachi, koto, shamisen, taiko and biwa. Strings and brass were recorded in London at Abbey Road and Air Studios.

The triple vinyl soundtrack is currently available for shipping through the publisher in Los Angeles.

From the product page:
With Tsushima on the brink of destruction, Jin Sakai must sacrifice everything to defeat the ruthless Mongol invaders and protect what’s left of his home and people. As he embarks on an epic adventure for the freedom of Tsushima, he is forced to set aside samurai traditions and become a new kind of warrior.

The soundtrack features music written by Ilan Eshkeri that serves as the sonic companion to the game’s narrative, as well as music written by Shigeru Umebayashi for the exploratory, open world dimension of the game.

Milan Records - Ghost of Tsushima (Music from the Video Game) - 3X LP Vinyl

YouTube Music - Ghost Of Tsushima Soundtrack (Streaming)

Apple Music - Ghost Of Tsushima Soundtrack (Streaming)