Flock by Hollow Ponds launch trailer premieres

Jerry on 2024-07-16
Developed by Hollow Ponds and Richard Hogg of Hohokum, multiplayer co-op game Flock has launched for Windows and consoles. The launch trailer can be viewed on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

Flock places players in control of flying shepherds, tending flocks of airborne creatures. Players are invited to guide the flock to untouched pastures and shear their fur to fashion hats, cardigans, and socks. The 38-track soundtrack album by Eli Rainsberry has premiered on Bandcamp.

Flock has launched for Windows thorugh Steam, PS4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. The Xbox One and Series X|S edition is available with Game Pass.

From the product page:
Flock is a multiplayer co-op game where players take on the role of flying shepherds, each tending to their own unique herd of adorable flying creatures.

The game is an ode to the joy of flight and discovery. Starting with a small herd of hover-sheep, you nurture and fly them toward fresh, untouched pastures. Along the way, you will discover the secrets of the beautiful uplands and its wild creatures.

Weird flying creatures. Are they fish? Birds? Snakes? It’s a real mystery. They are mostly friendly though, and with a bit of skill you can charm them to join your flock.
Steam - Flock