Preorders open for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Vinyl & "No Promises" single

Jerry on 2024-03-11
Distributor CDJapan has opened preorders for the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth theme song, pressed on vinyl. The single "No Promises to Keep" is composed by Nobuo Uematsu, featuring vocalist Loren Allred. The B-side offers a rendition by Uematsu's band conTIKI.

A preview of the song is streaming on The First Take YouTube channel, following the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth final trailer premiering in February. Preorders for a picture disc vinyl release have opened at the Square Enix store for North America, planned for shipping in May of 2024. The single picture disc depicts Tifa on one side and Aerith on the reverse, with character design by Tetsuya Nomura and Roberto Ferrari.

Excerpts of all nine music tracks from the LP are streaming on the official album website. The analog record also ships domestically from distributor PixelCrib in Australia. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for PlayStation 5 launched on February 29th. Predecessor Remake Intergrade is currently available for PS5 and Windows through Steam.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Vinyl

• On Our Way - Sense of Kalm
• Farm Boy
• Chadley's Theme
• Grasslands de Chocobo
• Main Theme of FFVII - Battle Edit
• The Junon Region
• The Junon Region - Battle Edit
• Under Junon - Sunless Oasis
• Materia Guardian

From the product page:
After escaping from the dystopian city of Midgar, Cloud and his friends set out on a journey across the planet. New adventures await in a vibrant and vast world – sprint across grassy plains on a Chocobo and explore expansive environments.

As the party searches for Sephiroth, you will explore the beautiful, expansive regions of the world and open up new areas to discover. Dig deeper into the world of FINAL FANTASY VII with rewarding side content and mini-games, plus various unique forms of transportation to navigate the world.

Combine strategic thinking with thrilling action combat alongside your comrades, including newly added characters. Deepen their relationships to unleash powerful team-based combos.
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