DoDonPachi Resurrection ported to Nintendo Switch console

Jerry on 2021-11-25
Japanese distributor Live Wire has ported DoDonPachi Resurrection for Nintendo Switch. Resurrection first saw release in arcades in 2008 and was later ported to smartphones.

Live Wire's announcement trailer uploaded in June also previewed footage from previously released Nintendo Switch ports of Cave's Espgaluda II and Mushihimesama. Published by Degica, the DoDonPachi Resurrection digital soundtrack can be purchased through Steam.

Music for the game is by Basiscape studio composers Manabu Namiki, Azusa Chiba, and Yoshimi Kudo. Excerpts of each track from the soundtrack are streaming on digital music store Ototoy.

From the product page:
The past is being altered. An android, known as Next EXY, has traveled one thousand years back in time. Your task is to stop NEXY and the other Elemental Daughters who were built in the image of the Elemental Dolls who once protected humanity. What is NEXY’s intent? Should you attack what you shouldn’t understand? Orders are orders, and Col. Godwin Longhener is not to be ignored.
Nintendo - DoDonPachi Resurrection for Nintendo Switch

Apple Music Japan - DoDonPachi Resurrection Soundtrack